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How long does it take for the authorities to arrive once the security alarm is activated?

The industry standard is about 20 minutes, although traffic and distance to travel will increase or decrease this time.

What protection does my company have if phone lines are cut?

The use of dual path technology negates this problem. This technology uses mobile phone or IP paths to transmit fire or intruder alarms. Additionally, this technology cuts down on false alarms that are due to hardware failures.

What are the advantages of choosing Pacific Fire & Security’s monitoring service?
  • Our UL Listed monitoring service is staffed by highly trained professionals who monitor your fire and security systems 24 hours a day.
  • They are equipped to address any and all alarm events as they happen.
  • Activities and notifications are date and time stamped and phone numbers are logged into a computer system.
  • Dedicated fiber optics allow for unparalleled reliability for alarm telecommunications.
  • Monitoring personnel are in a continuous training cycle and extensively trained in the classroom and on the job.
Once activated, what happens when there is an alarm event?

Once your fire and security system is installed, our consultant sits down with your security staff and creates a personalized response plan.

Do the alarm systems work if the power goes out?

Our systems have battery backup in case of a power outage. To further assure the system is not powered down, a low battery signal will be sent to our 24-hour monitoring station to notify the appropriate person.

Does having a fire alarm and security system installed have any affect on business insurance premiums?

While each insurance company will have their own policy, many companies do provide a reduction in premiums because of the extra level of protection fire alarm and security systems provide. Please note, regular maintenance, inspections and repairs have to be maintained on these systems in order for insurance companies to accept a claim.

What is backflow?

Backflow is a term used for when wastewater flows in the opposite direction of the water current, mixing with clean drinking water. A backflow preventer is installed in fire sprinkler systems, water pumps, irrigation systems, and all wastewater plumbing systems to avoid this dangerous and unhealthy contamination.

What is a backflow preventer?

To stop backflow, a backflow prevention device is installed in both commercial and residential water pipes to reverse the water current and prevent cross-contamination. It does this by only allowing the flow of water in one direction, using its valves as a one-way funnel.

What could cause my backflow preventer to stop working?

Backflow devices often stop working due to a buildup of waste, dirt, debris, a change in water pressure, or worn-out valves. Extreme temperatures can also impact the effectiveness and quality of your backflow preventer because thermal expansion causes them to break down faster.

How often is a backflow preventer inspection required?

Washington State requires backflow preventers to be inspected and tested annually to protect public health and safety. Following your inspection and testing, you must obtain the proper certification that documents your device’s compliance.

Where can I find backflow testing near me?

If you are a commercial business located in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, or the surrounding areas, consider Pacific Fire & Security your go-to resource for backflow testing and certification. We also provide comprehensive fire safety inspection and testing services tailored to your property’s unique needs.

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