Pacific Fire & Security is your comprehensive fire alarm and security solution provider.


Risk and technology are ever evolving often leaving companies without adequate fire, security and communication systems for the risks they face today.

Pacific Fire & Security offers you an exceptionally comprehensive level of fire alarm and security system services. To begin, we offer consultation, design and installation services by our NICET certified design engineers and technicians. Next, we offer several 24-hour services to maintain trouble-free fire and security systems that include: UL Listed fire and intrusion monitoring, remote administration and troubleshooting and repair. Lastly, Pacific Fire & Security provides sprinkler and life safety inspections as well as maintenance and cleaning services to further ensure your alarm and security system functions properly over time.
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Pacific Fire & Security provides excellent customer service and value in maintenance and service customized to fit your business. From engineering, design and installation to monitoring, service and support, our team of certified and experienced professionals are here 24/7 to focus our attention on your fire and security demands.

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At Pacific Fire & Security our team of engineers, designers, project managers and installation technicians provide a wealth of knowledge and experience by delivering the best fire and security system specifically tailored for your industry.

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Creating a safe and secure built environment requires a thoughtful detailed analysis of the building and occupancy use to understand each company’s unique level of risk, then incorporate these findings into a design for a fire and security system that can seamlessly expand in response to future risk or organizational changes.

Our Fire & Security Process

Pacific Fire & Security is committed to providing the highest level of service throughout our working relationship. Because the level of competence is so critical in administering the specialized services required for protecting life and property, Pacific Fire & Security has assembled a team of experienced professionals who bring unwavering leadership and passion to each phase of our service.

Fire and Security Inspection and Confidence Testing

If your fire or security systems are outdated, damaged, or malfunctioning, look to Pacific Fire & Security for the ultimate level of protection. We perform annual inspection and confidence testing services to keep your systems in proper working condition, ensure 24/7 occupant safety, and help you maintain fire code compliance. Our teams make it easy for you to focus on running your business without worrying about fire safety or regulation compliance – leave that up to us!

Fire & Security Design & Engineering

During our initial consultation, Pacific Fire & Security concentrates on understanding the fire alarm and security needs of your organization, then our design experts create an integrated system that satisfies those needs. Our goal is to create a fire alarm and security system that will protect you today, but can be easily expanded to accommodate future changes.

Fire & Security System Installation

Next, while keeping you informed throughout the process, we focus on the precise delivery of your custom designed fire alarm and security system. Then, our NICET trained and UL certified fire and security professionals will install each component with meticulous detail.

Fire & Security Support

Lastly, because your fire and security system is the first line of protection for your business, Pacific Fire & Security offers 24-hour UL Listed fire and intrusion monitoring, 24-hour remote administration and troubleshooting and 24-hour repair. To keep your systems in proper working order, we also provide annual system testing, inspections and cleaning and maintenance services. Please contact Pacific Fire & Security at (206) 957-0907, your fire alarm and security system experts.

Prevent your company from becoming a statistic. If your fire and security system is out of date, poorly maintained or does not exist, call Pacific Fire & Security to change your idea of security into a reality.

Our Fire & Security System Clients

Pacific Fire & Security thrives on creating exceptional fire alarm and security systems for our clients. Whether for single franchise retail stores, upscale real estate offices, condominiums or a multi-building tech campus, our experienced team of professionals is known for innovative design and installations that are readily scalable, within budget and on time.

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How long does it take for the authorities to arrive once the security alarm is activated?


The industry standard is about 20 minutes, although traffic and distance to travel will increase or decrease this time.


What protection does my company have if phone lines are cut?


The use of dual path technology negates this problem. This technology uses mobile phone or IP paths to transmit fire or intruder alarms. Additionally, this technology cuts down on false alarms that are due to hardware failures.


Do the alarm systems work if the power goes out?


Our systems have battery backup in case of a power outage. To further assure the system is not powered down, a low battery signal will be sent to our 24-hour monitoring station to notify the appropriate person.