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Experienced Fire Alarm Services

For over a decade, our dedication to providing exceptional products and services to Puget Sound’s commercial, public, private and government institutions, has made our fire alarm division the cornerstone of Pacific Fire & Security.

Integrity First with our Fire Alarm Systems

Because fire alarms are the first line of defense in protecting your customers, personnel and business assets, it is imperative to us to approach each alarm system with the utmost of integrity throughout our comprehensive list of services: consultation, design, and installation; 24-hour monitoring, 24-hour administration and troubleshooting and 24-hour repair; annual life safety inspection, confidence testing, maintenance and cleaning.

Education & Knowledge With All Fire Alarms

Education and training are compulsory and ongoing for Pacific Fire & Security’s design engineers and fire alarm and security installation technicians. We are NICET & UL trained and certified, we are current on AHJ policies, national, local and model fire safety codes and manufacturer’s specifications and installation requirements. Pacific Fire & Security is dedicated to exceeding life safety fire alarm system regulatory compliance by following NFPA guidelines and staffing NICET rated at Level 4. Alarm monitoring technicians pass the Washington State Fire Alarm – 1 Certification and the National Center for Construction Education and Research’s Electronic System Technician courses.

24-Hour Fire Alarm Protection

Fire alarms sense and alert occupants but it is the monitoring service that responds to alarm events by contacting the local authorities, in case of a fire, our 24-hour repair service, if the system fails and company officials. Our UL Listed monitoring centers have dedicated fiber-optic telecommunications for fast, reliable alarm signaling, numbers are dialed automatically, a computer history is logged and monitoring staff activities are time and date stamped. By using advanced technology and highly trained staff we’re able to provide you with superior response time.

Fire Alarm Inspections & Maintenance

To ensure proper operation of your fire alarm system, Pacific Fire & Security provides annual Life Safety inspections, alarm confidence testing and maintenance and cleaning.

At Pacific Fire & Security we are more than fire alarm installation experts, we take full responsibility for your fire alarm system from design to maintenance. Call us for superior fire alarm service, (206) 957-0907.

Contact The Seattle Fire Alarm Experts

Where integrity, experience and expertise meet – Pacific Fire & Security is your fire alarm and security professional. We provide you with fire alarm and security systems tailored to meet the unique risk of each industry’s built and surrounding environments. From consultation, design and installation to monitoring, repair and inspections, Pacific Fire & Security is at your service.