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Seattle Intrusion Detection

Preventing unwanted access into your building requires a multi-layered approach to your security system. Pacific Fire & Security will custom design and install the mechanical part of your intrusion detection system to delay and detect events and work with your onsite security detail using our 24/7 monitoring service to notify, direct and verify an intrusion, then dispatch authorities as warranted.

The mechanical components Pacific Fire & Secuity considers for a successfully overlapping intrusion detection system include:

  • Intrustion control panel
  • Motion detectors
  • Door contacts
  • Access Control Systems: Keypads, card or biometric scanners
  • Video surveillance camera system: CCTV, Hybrid or IP
  • Video analytic software
  • Alarms

To further expand the strength of the instrusion detection system, Pacific Fire & Security will work with your staff to design a intrusion procedural plan and train them in the operation of the access control system. Working in tandem with our 24/7 monitoring service, building security systems provide for quick response and notification to an alarm event, its location and validity, in order to reduce false alarms and to decrease notication and response time of the proper authorities.

When control of access to your building is of high importance, consider a custom designed intrusion detection system by the team of NICET trained professionals at Pacific Fire & Security. We offer design, installation, service and 24/7 services including monitoring, troubleshooting and repair of your life safety and security systems. Please call us at (206) 957-0907 or contact us via email to make your business’s security a reality.

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