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 Fire Alarm & Security Services Multi-Tenant Housing in Seattle

Apartments, Condominiums, High Rise, Low-Income or Mixed-Use

Because multi-tenant housing includes so many different configurations of living environments, understanding the inherent risk of each property and building to create a plan that addresses these risks is foremost in the minds of Pacific Fire & Security consultants and design engineers when providing our multi-tenant housing clients, a security and life safety system that will accommodate their budget.

Fire Alarm & Security Consult, Design & Engineering

Pacific Fire & Security approaches the creation of a custom security system in buildings that house multiple tenants with a three-pronged strategy consisting of life safety, access control and video surveillance systems. Life safety systems are required by building codes and therefore mandatory, access and video are discretionary but not necessarily equal. Installing a video surveillance camera without access control will not prevent unwanted entrance into a building, the former may be a passive deterrent while the latter, an active deterrent.

Priority with a mind toward budget limits requires that your Pacific Fire & Security consultant understands what is most important to your situation. Is your concern highest for property damage or for safety? If property damage holds priority than a video system becomes a powerful tool for investigation and investigatory efforts after the fact. However, if safety is the priority, a proactive access control system will better serve you as it physically limits who has access to the property.

In a perfect world using all three prongs would be ideal in creating the best fire alarm and security surveillance system for every apartment or condominium, however planning considerations and budgetary constraints means Pacific Fire & Safety’s NICET trained design engineers will create the most effective system today with future scalability in mind. Additionally, we can also design and expand or upgrade fire alarm and security systems that build off existing system components.

Fire Alarm & Security Services Installation

NICET trained and UL certified installation experts who are AHJ and building code compliant, will professionally install the system tailored to your business and risk needs. Our technicians are up to date on all manufacturer’s standards and requirements.

24/7 Fire Alarm & Security Services

Our around the clock services include UL Listed labs and personnel for monitoring your fire alarm and security system. Our 24-hour troubleshooting service will access your systems remotely to see if we can repair the problem without having to send out a technician, saving you time and money. If the problem cannot be repaired remotely, our 24-hour repair service ensures that your system is up and running in the shortest amount of down time possible. And the 24-hour remote administration service takes care of access control administrative duties like maintaining the database and suspending access cards.

Our Pacific Fire & Security team is passionate about providing your multi-tenant housing with a fire alarm and security system that meets today’s risk but is fully scalable to meet future changes in risk and operations. Call us for a no-obligation consultation at (206) 957-0907.

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